We're all about making your book more saleable

No matter how good an author's content is, it won't get attention on the shelf or get a second look online unless it looks professional and can grab attention. 

Book Formatters takes your own manuscript and vision, and turns it into an expert, engaging book using best practices and best industry software. We don't use templates like some other formatters. We develop a variety of sample layouts appropriate for your own content, and then work with you to finalize the one you like the best.

We'll deliver the layout in the exact format that your printer requires so it's ready to print paperbacks or hardcovers. Or, you can give the file to an eBook convertor to make your book available to download to devices.

Book Formatters has experience designing all kinds of books, in all sizes, and works with you to get to a final layout design that you can be proud of. It doesn't matter where you live. We've designed books for authors and publishers in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Puerto Rico. Wherever you live, we can work with you.