Who We Are

Book Formatters has been designing book interiors for over 12 years. We use the latest Adobe InDesign software – the book industry standard – to give you the most professional interior that’s unique to your project and print-ready.

We’ve designed a wide range of novels, technical books with extensive footnotes, workbooks, cookbooks, children’s books, and art books. Each has special characteristics that Book Formatters considers in delivering a one-of-a-kind book design that gets attention on the shelf, is highly readable, but doesn’t get in the way of your content.

If you need a book cover or dust jacket, we can design that, too. Call us and we can discuss your ideas and our pricing.

Book Formatters grew out of larger print design effort, Linden Design, which has been serving business customers with distinctive marketing design for over 20 years. Linden creates brochures, sell sheets, report and white paper formatting, business cards, form design, trade show graphics, and anything else for print. Click on Linden Design in the menu bar to see what we offer and preview some samples.


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"As an award-winning Creative Director, my standards are high. Especially when we're talking about book cover designs. Robin Krauss is the real deal. He's a pro through and through, does great work and is flexible. And beyond that, he's just a great guy, easy to work with and a blessing."

John Koehler

Founder & Publisher, Koehler Books Publishing

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