Pricing can vary widely based on the length and complexity of the manuscript. Listed below are items that are included, and elements that might increase the cost. If you send a manuscript of the book in Word or Pages, we'd be glad to put together a quote for you. 


Standard interior design  & formatting



Creation of 3 sample spreads (showing different fonts, font sizes, running heads, and chapter starts), typesetting, moderate number of footnotes or other special layout elements, up to 3 rounds of changes, print-ready PDF. Does not include purchase of stock photos, if needed.

Elements that might increase cost:

  • Tables or graphs
  • Sidebars
  • Footnotes
  • Photos, illustrations, captions
  • Layout and/or design of the cover front, back, spine for the printer
  • If the manuscript or content changes during the process

Sometimes the photos or illustrations you submit might need some touch-up in Photoshop to adjust the contrast or brightness, convert to CMYK (the printer-required format, convert to 300dpi resolution, remove unwanted marks in the image or background. 

We can design your book cover using your own illustration or photo, or we can design one using stock imagery and typography. 



50% of quote deposit to initiate project.

Balance due on completion.